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Consultingcentre is a professional service firm for those seeking a global consultancy service whose consultants provide competence, professionalism and constant presence.


ConsultingCentre Lo Studio

The management of some specialized and highly complex issues requires a greater organizational focus in terms of dedicated resources and professional skills.
For this reason, in an era when a high degree of specialization is a must, these specific departments have been created to provide high-level skills to support and accompany the needs of clients.
Each department operates in a totally integrated way with respect to the business lines and outsourcing areas, employing the relevant professionalism and skills as needs arise.
The specific departments have been created to support professionals in the worlds of sport, finance and innovation through the:

  • Sports Department for the routine and special management of all professional athletes, and more generally of all actors engaged in the world of sport;
  • Wealth Department for handling all the dynamics of heritage protection and generational handover;
  • Startech Department for the highly skilled monitoring of all aspects concerning start-ups and innovative SMEs.